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Has it ever been easy to hook up a tractor's PTO shaft?


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Tractor owners are saying, "Best innovative tool in years!"
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Feature article by the Farm and Livestock Directory from Five Star Publishing, linked by permission of Five Star Publishing.

Empowering the PTO and 3-Point Hitch to Work Smarter, Faster and Safer

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Tens of Thousands Sold Nationwide and growing!

PTO Link in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Install each plate of the PTO Link™

Step 2

Align and connect the PTO Link™ plates

Step 3

Lock the PTO Link™ system in place

The PTO Link™ system turns what is normally a difficult and time consuming process into an easy task.  Simply attach the male plate of the PTO Link™ to your implement's drive-line then attach the female plate of the PTO Link™ to the tractor's PTO spline. Disconnecting your PTO shaft is now as simple as removing the plunger pin, then pulling the release on the spring-loaded shear/locking pin. Now there is no more hassle or headache connecting or disconnecting to your power take off. Once the PTO Link™ system is installed to each tractor and to each implement, the PTO Link™ system permanently changes your PTO's interface and never needs to be removed. The PTO link™ system quickly connects the PTO to your John Deere, Kubota, Mahindra, Massey Ferguson and all other tractors rated up to 130 HP (3 models to choose from).

“The worst part about using my tractor has always been working with the power take off. PTO Link has saved me countless hours of frustration”

Steven Thomas

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Why PTO Link™?

The Problem

Everyone that has a tractor and an implement has the same issue: pound the implements female connector on to the tractors spline and to take it off, pound or pry it off.  It’s just never easy and it’s always hot outside when you can’t slide the connector on or off the PTO spline. Finally someone has made a quick-connect system for the PTO!

The Problem

The Solution

The PTO Link™ is designed to be extremely easy to use and precisely engineered to handle the toughest jobs. Nothing on your tractor is stronger or more durable!

  • The Original, Universal PTO Quick-Connect System
  • Safely Connect and Disconnect Your PTO in Seconds!
  • Built to Last - AISI 4140 hardened alloy steel
  • CNC cut to precision
  • QPQSM coating provides superior wear resistance, improved fatigue strength and extreme corrosion resistance
  • Works with standard 6 tooth spline (540 RPM)
  • Permanently simplifies the PTO interface between all tractors and powered implements
  • Rated for tractors up to 130 HP
  • Meets ASABE standards

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The Product

PTO Link™ is designed to make working with a tractor power take off an easy experience. Our product (3 models to choose from) fits directly on any universal 6 pin PTO connection. As an important safety precaution, always turn the engine off before working with the PTO and be sure to shield any rotating parts. Do not wear any loose clothing that could become entangled and pulled into the machine. PTO safety is extremely important and every precaution should be taken.

PTO Link™ SD Duo System (shown)

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