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“PTO Link has saved me so much time and hassle, it’s changed the way I look at my work. I no longer dread connecting my implements and I can spend more time working my tractor instead of getting ready to use my tractor.”


PTO LinkTM Tractor

Recommended to sell one tractor piece for each tractor the end user owns.


PTO LinkTM Implement

Recommended to sell one implement piece for each PTO driven implement the end user owns.

Wholesale Pricing

(option 1)

Dealer Pricing-January 2022

Suggested Inventory ratio of 2:3 (Female:Male)
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Drop Ship to Customer

(option 2)

You charge the customer for their PTO LinkTM system, through your point of sale (at your chosen retail price) and then place the customers order through our website at your dealer price.  We then ship the order directly to your customer's or to your retail store via UPS.

With this model no bulk inventory needs to be held at your store to become a retail dealer.  Free shipping to customers included to any state in the continental U.S.

*Display model purchase required - $299 for one PTO LinkTM Duo System. (1 Tractor Plate & 1 Implement plate)

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