PTO Link™ Compact System – Implement (Male) Plate


The PTO Link™ Compact system is specifically designed to work for most subcompact and compact tractors up to 40 HP*. The PTO Link™ system is designed to quickly and safely connect/disconnect tractors and implements at the PTO… in seconds! The PTO Link™ is the original, universal quick-connect system that consists of two interconnecting plates (female and male). For best results, every tractor should have the Tractor Plate (Female) installed and every implement with a PTO driveline should have an Implement Plate (Male) installed.

Product Features:

  • Works with rear 6-spline 540 RPM PTO for tractors up to 40 HP*
  • Easily connect your mower, shredder, tiller or any PTO driven implement in seconds
  • Simple one-step installation for each plate and easy removal. No special tools or extra installation hardware required (i.e., no set screws, snap rings or retaining clips)
  • Built to last (AISI 4140 hardened alloy steel with QPQSM finish)
  • Safety Plunger Pin included with every tractor (female) plate (extras ordered separately)
  • When fully installed, the PTO Link™ Compact system adds approximately 4.5 inches to the overall length of the driveline.
  • The PTO Link™ system is NOT an adapter. To be in compliance with ASABE standards, do not use PTO Link™ in combination with PTO adapters.
  • Our limited warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship of all PTO Link™ parts for one year from the date of purchase.
  • NOTICE for Kubota BX tractors ONLY! The specially designed Lift Arm Stabilizer Replacement Plate is required when using in conjunction with the PTO Link™ Compact system on all BX series tractors. This REPLACEMENT plate retains all of the functionality of the original Kubota part, but shortens its overall length to avoid making any contact with the PTO Link™ system when the lift arm hydraulics are in full-lift position. See more details and pricing HERE.
  • Dimensions:
    • Implement (Male) Compact Plate (3.75” W x 4.0625” H)
  • Weight:
    • IMPLEMENT (Male) Compact plate: 2 lbs, 2 oz
    • IMPLEMENT (Male) Compact shipping weight: 3 lbs
  • NOTE: This product is for a single Compact Implement (Male) Plate only. The Compact Tractor (Female) Plate will also be needed to complete the quick-connect system.

Other PTO Linkproducts:

* The Compact System is specifically designed to work for smaller tractor PTO splines (less than 3 inches), but can also be used on standard PTO spline lengths (up to 40 HP). It is the required system for certain tractor models: Kubota BX, B & LX Series, Kioti CS Series, Yanmar SA Series, John Deere 2520, New Holland Workmaster 25S, Cub Cadet 6284D, Bad Boy 3026 and LS MT125, which are not compatible with our SD or HD systems. 

Note: Most other tractors (20 HP to 100 HP) are compatible with our PTO Link™ SD model, so IF your tractor model is NOT listed above and your tractor spline length is greater than 3″, the PTO Link™ SD System or HD System (35 HP to 130 HP) are your alternate options.

Safety Notice: As an important safety precaution, be sure to turn off tractors engine during installation, shield any rotating parts and do not wear any loose clothing that could become entangled and pulled into the machine. PTO safety is extremely important and every precaution should be taken.

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Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in