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  1. Great customer service. Still have small issues with connecting PTO, but lot’s easier. Note: Disabled Veteran

  2. Simple to use. Works great in conjunction with the Pat’s quick hitch.

  3. Works great!

  4. You provide a great product at a fair price. My PTO Link has saved time and my back over the years.

  5. I have a small Yanmar SA424 and this works perfect for attaching my 3 point shredder will be ordering more

  6. Impressively easy to install. I kept expecting more difficulty, however the entire installation took less than 20 minutes. I have only put an hour of running on the tractor with it, but so far flawless. Nicely made product. Thanks.

  7. Definitely appreciating the product so far; makes my day a little easier. The tractor forums are full of folks saying they’re unnecessary if you’re willing to work a little harder. That’s true, of course, and was probably what those types of people were saying when the automobile was invented. Still easier for me and I appreciate it. Of note, make sure your pto selector is on the rear one. Mine was forward because it’s snowblower season and the the pto shaft on the rear was free spinning when I was trying to connect the PTO Link. Lesson learned. Thanks.

  8. Works great and definitely makes it easier to change attachments

  9. They work great. Easier to connect and disconnect than factory.