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Please take a minute to watch our unboxing video and review the warranty information below.

(Correction: The PTO Link adds 5" to your overalldriveline, not 4.5", as stated at 2:25 in the video.)

Please read the following both before and during installation of the PTO Link™ System


2. BEFORE INSTALLATION: Because the PTO Link system adds approximately 5" in length to the driveline, you must measure and possibly adjust (cut) the shaft, as necessary, to provide proper distance from the PTO. Prior to installing the PTO Link™ system, see enclosed Instructions On Whether To Shorten An Implement Driveline. See variables below for exceptions and accurately measuring the actual distance in your situation. Please call Customer Care @ 833-444- 5465, ext 3 for determining whether your implement shaft needs adjustment and if so, to obtain guidance on the amount of its adjustment. For more info, see videos:

3. DURING & AFTER INSTALLATION: When first installing the PTO Link™ female plate to the tractor’s PTO:

  • Clean any dirt, debris or rust off the tractor’s PTO shaft and from inside the female receiver of the implement shaft, using a wire brush, penetrating oil and/or lubricant to ease connectivity.
  • The PTO housing area should be clear of any obstruction, with a minimum of 3 inches of vertical rotational clearance (radius measuring from the center of the PTO shaft outward) to accommodate the full plate diameter of the PTO Link™ system, both before and after hydraulic lift.

  • Tractors with PTO shafts less than 3.25 inches in length may not be compatible with the PTO Link™ system. For possible exceptions, please call our Customer Care line.

  • Did you hear the click of the ball bearings fastening into the notch on the PTO shaft?

  • Did you give the installed female plate a firm tug to insure it is locked in place? Once properly installed, the top of the female plate collar (C-Clip area) should not rest against or make any contact with any part of the PTO housing. Any such contact may damage your tractor’s PTO oil seal, PTO housing and/or damage the PTO Link™ system’s connectivity to your tractor’s PTO.

  • Once the plates are installed and connected, always insert the enclosed safety plunger pin from the tractor side, through both plates of the PTO Link™ system, with the spring release wedge emerging from the implement side. For more info, see videos:


    • The height of your tractor’s PTO spline from the ground
    • Implement Type (pull behind vs. 3 point hitch)
    • The use or absence of a Quick Hitch System (e.g.,Pat’s Quick Hitch, iMatch, etc.)
    • Length and angle of the implement shaft.
    • Distance of the ball bearing notches and ball bearing placement from each tip end of the PTO and implement receiver.
    • The angle and range of distance of upward / downward travel of hydraulic lifts.
    • The topography type of the land (flat, hilly, ditches, creek beds, inclines, etc.)
    • THE SAYING GOES, “Measure twice and cut once”. But we say, “MEASURE TWICE and CALL US BEFORE YOU CUT.” 

Limited Warranty, Operational Specifications and Return Policy / Instructions

Thank you for purchasing PTO Link™! The PTO Link™ is the original, universal 6-spline PTO quick-connect system, designed to adapt and interface with virtually any compact or utility tractor and power-driven implement combination (see exceptions, limitations, operational specifications and instructions below). If you have any questions or the product does not seem to work with your equipment or if you are having difficulty with an installation, please call our Customer Care Line at 833.444.5465 Ext. 3 for support before returning our product. As part of our commitment to quality and reliability, Tractor PTO Link LLC provides you with a limited warranty for your new PTO Link™.

Our Limited Warranty / PTO Link™ has been carefully manufactured and tested. We will repair or replace parts which have a defect in materials or workmanship. “Limited” means that the Warranty is for a specified period of time, and has certain other restrictions.

What This Warranty Covers / This warranty cover’s defects in materials or workmanship of the PTO Link™ parts only. The length of warranty is one year from the date of purchase. NOTICE: This system is designed for six spline rear PTOs (540 RPM) only!

Our warranty is only valid within or under the following Operational Specifications:

  • FOLLOW ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (see reverse page) & Instructions On Whether To Shorten Driveline (Enclosed with Order)

  • Maximum Tractor HP Rating: 100 HP (Engine-Net); Combined maximum torque output: 1100 ft-lbs. for a 540 RPM PTO.

  • Proper Matching of Implement with Tractor: The HP rating for implements installed with PTO Link™ should NEVER EXCEED your tractor’s PTO HP rating. Any implements that exceed this rating should NOT have PTO Link™ installed and any such use will void the warranty. For more information on the proper matching of your implement to your tractor, please refer to your local tractor dealer and or your tractor’s operation manual.

  • Use of Separate Safety Plunger Pin in High Torque or Reverse Torque or PTO Auto-Brake Scenarios: For any tractor / implement combinations in which high torque output (> 650 ft. lbs at a 540 RPM PTO) or reverse torque on the PTO shaft could possibly be experienced (e.g., flex-wing mowers, heavy duty shredders, tillers, augers, etc.) must also have the enclosed zinc plated safety plunger pin (1⁄2” diameter, 1.5” length) installed. Prior to installing the plunger pin, first install the PTO Link™ plates on the tractor (female plate) and implement (male plate) then engage the male/female coupling, rotating the four male studs counter-clockwise into the four female teardrop openings until the safety spring loaded shear/locking pin has locked. Note the aligned 1⁄2” opening through both plates of the connected PTO Link™ system, positioned 180° across the plate, opposite the safety spring loaded shear/locking pin. To install the safety plunger pin, place tip of the pin into the 1⁄2” opening on the tractor plate. With the head of the safety plunger pin always facing the tractor, push the pin through the aligned 1⁄2” openings on both plates. The wedge of the plunger pin (now emerging from the implement side plate) will release its internal spring and secure both plates together. NOTE: ANY tractors equipped with a PTO auto–brake (reverse safety switch) must always have this safety plunger pin affixed prior to using this product. Any use of PTO Link™ with the PTO auto-brake (reverse safety switch) and/or high torque or reverse torque scenarios, without this safety plunger pin properly installed will damage the product and immediately void the warranty. It is therefore recommended to always install the safety plunger pin. When the PTO Link™ system is not in use, affix the safety plunger pin through the 1⁄2” opening on the tractor plate for safe storage.

  • Length Added To Driveline: Once installed, PTO Link™ will lengthen the driveline approximately 5 inches. Therefore, shorten (cut) the driveline as necessary to be certain it is short enough to compensate for the added length of PTO Link™ and for short turning or steep inclines. Prior to installing the PTO Link™ system, see enclosed Instructions On Whether To Shorten An Implement Driveline for further clarification.*For more information, see reverse page. Straight drivelines are always desirable. Excess angularity run out or length to the driveline caused by: a) short turning (greater than 60°) or b) steep incline/decline pitches (greater than 15°) can damage PTO Link™, possibly damage other equipment, injure the operator and void the warranty.

  • Replacement Spring Loaded Safety Shear/Locking Pin: When replacing the shear/locking pin, always apply Loctite® Threadlocker Red 271 on the threads of the shear/locking pin housing then wrench tighten on to the receiving threads of the PTO Link™ tractor plate.

    Should PTO Link™ prove defective, or appear to be, please discontinue use immediately and contact us. Tractor PTO Link LLC is not responsible for any damage or claims beyond the selling price of the product. Please record the PTO Link™ serial number of each plate, the order number and date of purchase. In addition, please provide the tractor make and model number and the implement make and model number in which the failure occurred. Take pictures of the failure including pictures of tractor and implement used and explain the problem. Email us @: [email protected] and we will send you replacement instructions, or call 833.444.5465, ext. 3 for our Customer Care line. All returns are subject to Tractor PTO Link LLC’s right to inspection and review. Tractor PTO Link, LLC or its agents, reserves the right to review and inspect the customer’s facts and circumstances to determine if a defect in materials or workmanship exists prior to the commencement of any replacement or refund is issued. It is the customer’s responsibility to ship the product to the Tractor PTO Link’s address below for this inspection. Any returns or refunds not covered by the warranty are subject to a restocking fee up to 15% of the purchase price. Except for warranty claims, no returns will be accepted after 30 days from date of purchase or date of shipment, whichever is latest. For more information regarding returns, refunds, and other terms, see