Pat’s Easy Change Quick-Hitch System (Cat 2 & Stabilizer Bar)


Pat’s Easy Change Quick-Hitch System – Cat 2

Pat’s Easy Change system is a great complement to the PTO Link® Quick-Connect system, giving you the best of both worlds for your tractor and implement – the EASY quick-connecting PTO Link® and Pat’s EASY Change Quick-Hitch for your 3-point hitch too.

With Pat’s Easy Change, you can now hitch up quickly using the Cat 1 or Cat 2 systems*. Not all 3-point quick hitches are equal. Pat’s hitch stands out above the rest because it is more versatile and can be used with any width implement – not so with a traditional 3-point quick hitches.*(other options: Cat 1 to 2 or Cat 2 to 1)

Product Features & Overview (Cat 2)

  • Easy installation & removal – Insert the pin, select the correct shim & secure with the u-bolt
  • No tractor modifications required and doesn’t take up extra unnecessary room.
  • Stabilizer Bar (adjustable bar holds lift arms at any width during hook up)
  • 3 Sets of Lynch Pin Washers INCLUDED! (extra washer sets can be ordered separately)
  • Hardware kit included (U-bolts, nuts, shims, set screws, jam nuts)
  • Changes lift arms from a standard ball/pin to a spring-loaded hook & latch system, allowing the top link flexible to use on all implements
  • Fits over ends of lift arms (attached by a pin through the ball and u-bolt for stability)
  • Latch can be locked open, locked closed or automatically latched
  • Hitch up easily, even with implement placed on un-level ground
  • Extends the distance between your tractor and implement by 3.75 inches, which mostly offsets the added 5” of the PTO Link®
  • Fits lift arms 2 to 4 inches tall
  • Hole and pin size in ball of lift arm 1 1/8”
  • Dimensions (for receiver): 1-3/4” wide x 4” tall, 1 1/8” hole in the ball of the tractor
  • Made in the USA (of cast iron – with power coat finish)
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • All warranty claims are handled by the Manufacturer
  • INCLUDES SHIPPING to Continental USA only (ships separately from PTO Link® products)

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