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Welcome to PTO Link, where we have revolutionized the traditional power take-off (PTO) connection for tractor owners. Our innovative Open-Plate quick-connect system simplifies the PTO hook-up process, making it quick, easy, and safe. Driven by our mission to enhance the farming and homesteading experience, we’re dedicated to saving time, preventing injuries, and minimizing frustration. Embrace the “revolution” with the PTO Link® system, where every implement connection is a step towards a more efficient workday.

Background- The Roots of the "PTO Revolution"

One of the primary challenges for tractor operators is the frequent struggle with the hands-on connection of the power take off shaft (known as the PTO), which transmits rotational power to various implements from the rear of a tractor. For almost 100 years, the same original design of this PTO connection has been a splined shaft, which many tractor owners, especially those over age 40, find to be a cumbersome and frustrating design when trying to safely and efficiently connect their implements. For decades, tractor owners everywhere have been clamoring for a “revolution” of the basic PTO design and operation to make a simpler and safer connection process.

The Usual Problems Long Associated With Connecting to a Tractor's PTO.

Because this age-old PTO connection has always been between two high precision splined shafts—male and female—the exact coordination to manually complete the connection is inherently difficult, even if the parts are clean and lubricated. In addition, lifting heavy implement shafts, while trying to blindly align and mate these components and connecting joints, with awkward stooping positions and angles all compound this difficulty. These combined frustrations often lead to strained backs or various hand injuries such as pinched fingers or scuffed knuckles, prompting the tractor owner to use a sledgehammer or depend on the help of a third hand (from a neighbor or family member) just to make a routine PTO connection. Some tractor owners, whether out of frustration or desperation, must hire their local tractor dealer every time they need to make the PTO connection or, even worse, resort to buying a separate dedicated tractor for every power-driven implement just to avoid the PTO connection process. 

Unfortunately, the traditional PTO hook-up process essentially requires the perfect balance of five simultaneous actions:

  1. Lift the implement shaft (which is often very heavy);
  2. Reach under the PTO safety shield (usually in an awkward or stooped position while lifting a heavy shaft or maneuvering through a quick hitch frame);
  3. Align the high precision splined fittings mostly by feel while trying to match up the connection  from blind angles
  4. Press the PTO yoke push pin (or Retract the spring loaded collar of the implement shaft receiver)
  5. Slide the implement shaft forward at the exact linear and level angle to affix the receiver onto the ball bearing notch of the PTO’s spline, while meticulously coordinating steps 1 through 4 all at the same time ….and hopefully without injury!
PTO shaft and driveline connection-traditional

Finally, a Definitive Solution to the Conventional PTO Connection Problem!

When approaching retirement, one new innovative tractor owner, facing these same difficulties, went on an exhaustive search for a solution to this age-old problem. When his search came up empty, he envisioned a safer,easy-to-see, easy-to-reach, and easy-to-connect design to independently attach his implements to his tractor in a matter of seconds.

PTO Link HD System Duo Bundle
PTO Link HD System Duo Bundle

His invention—the PTO Link® system, known for its patented Open-Plate connection interface, hasn’t removed the standard legacy spline, but rather has inverted the splined shaft into two quick-connect steel couplers and greatly simplified how PTO connections are made. The PTO Link® system is currently designed for all tractors with a 6-spline 540 RPM PTO— from subcompact up to utility tractors at 130 HP.

PTO Link® — One of the Most Practical Tractor Tools You'll Ever Own.

Connecting a tractor to a PTO-driven implement has always been one of the most challenging tasks of owning a tractor…so by simplifying that difficult task with a revolutionary, quick-connecting coupler system, we greatly reduce the hardships of working on the tractor, therefore improving the overall experience of farmers, ranchers, and homesteaders alike, while saving time and energy. Having a tool that enhances safety and saves time, injuries and frustration is one of the best assets you can own.  The PTO Link® system is made of high-quality forged steel and is engineered for long-term durability and ease of connection. For more information on the PTO Link® system specifications, click here.

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Ken Spector — The Inventor's Story

Ken Spector

My wife and I lived on 20 acres, 65 miles outside of Houston. The property came with a tractor and a rotary cutter, and we had never operated a tractor before. When I went to hook up the cutter to the tractor’s PTO for the first time, it took over 45 minutes in 100-degree heat, with the help of a neighbor. I said, “there’s got to be better way”. So, I searched every tractor dealer and farm store around South Texas for a solution to this PTO connection problem. To my surprise, there was no solution out there and every tractor dealer laughed at me, saying “that’s just the way it is to hook up an implement to a tractor”. So out of necessity for a solution, I came up with a concept of two interlocking steel couplers with flanges that have oblong holes interfacing with stud connectors. Since I had a technical background, I used CAD design software and within 15 minutes I had a basic concept drawn up. Within a week, I was able to successfully create and use the prototype on my tractor and cutter but knew this needed lots of refinement and metallurgical expertise to perfect the idea.

About that time, I discussed my invention with our financial advisor, Mark, who was formulating a financial plan to help us gain traction toward our retirement. Mark recognized the potential of my idea and prototype and suggested I form a new company to take this concept, now known as “PTO Link”, to market. With Mark’s expertise in business administration, he helped me form the company and is now my trusted business partner and friend. Since 2017, the PTO Link® system has undergone massive improvements and changes, but the basic design concept from the beginning is the same. With the help of engineers to refine our design, composition and manufacturing process, we have secured several US and international patents, and through it all, we have now helped tens of thousands of our customers across the US quickly and safely connect their powered implements to the back of a tractor.

From this experience, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to connect implements (like a rotary cutter or a tiller, etc.) to the back of a tractor. Today, we have assembled a first-class, customer-centric team to grow the PTO Link® vision for all tractor owners to “quickly and safely connect your PTO in seconds”. We commonly hear from our customers what an immeasurable impact our PTO Link® system has had on their lives. The most common question I get from customers when telling this story is, “I’ve been struggling with my PTO for decades, what took you so long”?

The “PTO Revolution” has begun…

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