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PTO Link® Compact System

The PTO Link® Compact System is designed for light to medium duty applications limited to Category 1 tractors (subcompact or compact) and category 1 implements only.  The Compact System is rated for Category 1 tractors up to 70 HP, but is best used for HP ranges from 20 HP to 50 HP.  For uses above 50 HP, we generally recommend the HD System or SD System.

All PTO Link® Systems add up to 5 inches to the implement’s PTO driveline.  Always measure and adjust driveline length as needed.

PTO Link® is the original, universal PTO quick-connect system consisting of two interconnecting couplers. Its patented Open-Plate system replaces the traditional spline-to-driveline connection with a visible interface design that’s both easy to see and reach. Now you can quickly and safely connect / disconnect implements at the tractor’s PTO in just seconds! A complete PTO Link® System requires both this Tractor (Female) Coupler and an Implement (Male) Coupler. For best results, every tractor should be equipped with a Tractor Coupler, and every implement should be equipped with an Implement Coupler.  See more descriptions, product features and safety information below.

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Each Bundle Includes the BX Lift Arm Stabilizer Replacement Plate Kit (REQUIRED ONLY for Kubota BX Series Tractors)

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PTO Link® Compact System - Tractor (Female) Coupler$179.99
PTO Link® Compact System – Safety Bolt – SPARE RECOMMENDED$7.99
PTO Link® Compact System – Replacement Locking Pin – OPTIONAL$22.99
  • Rear 6-spline 540 RPM PTO for all Category 1 tractors (sub-compact  or compact with Category 1 implements only.
  • Ideal HP range: 20 HP to 50 HP.  
  • The subcompact tractor models listed below must use the PTO Link® Compact System as the only compatible option (the SD and HD Systems are not compatible to the following):
    • Kubota BX* Series
    • Kubota B Series
    • Kubota LX Series
    • Kioti CS Series
    • Yanmar SA Series
    • John Deere 2520
    • New Holland Workmaster 25 S
    • Cub Cadet 6284D
    • Bad Boy 3026
    • LS MT125

*Kubota BX tractors ONLY! The specially designed Compact System – Lift Arm Stabilizer Replacement Plate kit is an additional requirement for all BX series tractors.

Note: The Compact System adds 5 inches to the implement’s driveline. See driveline measurement instructional video and FAQ #5 and #6 for more information.

  • PTO Link® Compact System – Safety Bolt included with every Tractor Coupler – Extras can be purchased separately.
  • Simple one-step installation and easy removal for each Coupler without special hardware or installation tools.
  • Built to last (Modified AISI 4140 hardened alloy steel with QPQSM finish)
  • Limited warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship of all PTO Link® parts for one year from the date of purchase.
  • US Patents 10,718,383 & 11,313,417
  • International Patents Pending
  • Dimensions: 3.75” W x 4.25” H
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs; Shipping weight: 4 lbs
  • The PTO Link® System adds 5 inches to the overall length of the implement driveline when fully installed. To avoid any possible damage or injury requires carefully measuring the driveline length for possible adjustments and reviewing all installation instructions and operational specs before operating the PTO Link®. 
  • The PTO Link® Compact System is NOT compatible or interchangeable with other PTO Link® systems due to the specific design of the connecting components for each system.
  • As an essential safety precaution, be sure to turn off the tractor’s engine during installation, shield any rotating parts, and do not wear any loose clothing that could become entangled and pulled into the machine. PTO safety is critical, and every precaution should be taken.
  • The PTO Link® system is NOT an adapter. To comply with ASABE standards, do not use PTO Link® in combination with PTO adapters.
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