Installation Instructions


2.  BEFORE INSTALLATION: Because the PTO Link™ system adds approximately 4.5 to 5 inches in length to the driveline, you must measure and possibly shorten (cut) the implement shaft as necessary to provide proper distance from the PTOPrior to installing the PTO Link™ system, see enclosed Instructions/Video On Whether To Shorten An Implement Driveline. See variables below for exceptions and accurately measuring the actual distance in your situation. Please call Customer Care @ 833-444-5465, ext 3, if you have further questions after watching the video for determining whether your implement shaft needs adjustment. This video will also provide guidance on the amount of its adjustment - if needed.   

3.  DURING & AFTER INSTALLATION: When first installing the PTO Link™ Female plate to the tractor’s PTO:

  • Clean any dirt, debris or rust off the tractor’s PTO shaft and from inside the female receiver of the implement shaft, using a wire brush, penetrating oil and/or lubricant to ease connectivity.
  • The PTO housing area should be clear of any obstruction, with a minimum vertical rotational distance to accommodate the full diameter of the PTO Link™ system both before and after hydraulic lift. (A diameter of 4 inches for the Compact model and a diameter of 5 inches for SD and HD models).
  • Most tractors with PTO shafts 3 inches or less in length should use the PTO Link™ Compact system. For possible exceptions, please call our Customer Care line. (A list of known tractors requiring the Compact System can be found on our shop page).
  • Did you hear the click of the ball bearings fastening into the notch on the PTO shaft?
  • Did you give the installed female plate a firm tug to insure it is locked in place? Once properly installed, the top of the female plate collar (C-Clip area) should not rest against or make any contact with any part of the PTO housing. Any such contact may damage your tractor’s PTO oil seal, PTO housing and/or damage the PTO Link™ system’s connectivity to your tractor’s PTO.
  • Once the plates are installed and connected, always insert the enclosed Safety Plunger Pin (from the tractor side) or the Safety Bolt (from tractor or implement side), through both plates of the PTO Link™ system, with the spring release wedge/ball detent emerging from the opposite side.

(Please WATCH the videos)

Pre-Installation Measurement

What is the Plunger Pin?

How to Install the Replacement Stabilizer Plate (BX Tractors only)

How to shorten a PTO driveline

CORRECTION: To shorten the PTO driveline by 2 inches, once pulled apart, you need to cut off both ends of the driveline and covers the full 2 inches (4 cuts in total).