The Original Universal PTO
Quick-Connect System

Revolutionize tractor-implement connections with PTO Link’s fast, easy, and safe Open-Plate quick-connect system. Work smarter, save time.

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PTO Link® HD System

for tractors 35 HP to 130 HP
PTO Link HD System Duo Bundle
for heavy duty applications

with any 3-point hitch or pull-behind (drawbar) implements

PTO Link® SD System

for tractors 35 HP to 100 HP
PTO Link SD System Duo Bundle
for medium duty applications

with most 3-point hitch implements (Cat 1 or Cat 2 only)

PTO Link®Compact System

for sub-compact or compact tractors (Category 1)
PTO Link Compact System
for light to medium duty applications

with 3-point hitch implements (Cat 1 ONLY)

Pat's Easy Change Quick Hitch

A great companion to the PTO Link!
Cat 2 gray bar and washers view 2_V2-2

Connecting Tractor Implements Can Be Quick, Easy & Safe

At PTO Link, we understand the frustrations and operational challenges tractor owners face when connecting implements to the age-old splined shaft of the PTO. Tools that enhance safety and save time can make a huge difference in a tractor owner’s day-to-day life. The patented Open-Plate quick-connect system has revolutionized the spline-to-driveline connection process, making it possible to attach a tractor implement to its power source in seconds. PTO Link’s mission is to provide innovative and assistive tools for working smarter, easier, and faster while saving tractor owners’ time, strength, and health so they can do what they do best!

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Easier Benefit

Easier Connections!

With PTO Link’s patented Open-Plate system, connecting implements to the PTO is now easier to see, reach, and connect!

Quicker Connections!

Install the PTO Link® Implement Coupler to the implement driveline receiver and the PTO Link® Tractor Coupler onto the tractor’s PTO—in a snap! What used to be a long, drawn-out, strenuous task is now completed in seconds by just aligning the oblong holes and studs of the two interlocking steel couplers, giving a quick turn to finish the PTO connection, and inserting the Safety Pin. The PTO Link® system is now coupled, locked, and ready to go!
Quicker Benefit
Safer Benefit

Safer Connections!

Tired of scraped knuckles, pinched fingers, back strains and greasy hands? The PTO Link® System eliminates these routine injuries and hassles and by design minimizes the physically difficult task of making a successful PTO connection. The usual challenges associated with the traditional methods of aligning and blindly matching the implement to the PTO shaft while supporting the weight of the drive-line are transformed by the simple to use interface of PTO Link’s Tractor and Implement Couplers.


PTO Link® Features

The Original, Universal PTO Quick-Connect System

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s Easier to See: The Open-Plate system creates a completely new connecting interface between the PTO Link® Tractor and Implement Couplers, allowing for a more visible connection point at the PTO, by removing the blind angles you would typically encounter with a splined PTO connection. Now with PTO Link, you can actually see what you’re connecting to!
  • It’s Easier to Reach: Because the PTO Link® system adds a few inches of length to the PTO shaft, it provides an easier access point to complete the connection while still remaining under the PTO safety shield, and allowing more room to maneuver around your PTO.
  • It’s Easier to Connect: Connecting the PTO Link® is as simple as aligning the studs on the Implement Coupler to the oblong holes on the Tractor Coupler, completing a slight rotation of the couplers until the spring-loaded Locking Pin engages, and installing the Safety Bolt (Plunger Pin) to complete the connection. Disconnecting your implement only requires removing the Safety Bolt (Plunger Pin) and pulling the release on the spring-loaded Locking Pin.
  • Once the PTO Link® system is installed on each tractor and to each implement, the PTO Link system permanently changes your PTO’s interface and never needs to be removed.
  • PTO Link® essentially replaces the PTO spline with two interlocking steel couplers that quickly connect with a visible interface connection.
  • Because the PTO Link® system accomplishes the tractor-implement connection in a matter of seconds. it eliminates most, if not all, of the typical time-consuming steps and frustrations associated with the conventional PTO connection.
  • You can connect your implements independently! No need for a third hand or have to wait for your neighbor to help you connect your PTO!

Without PTO Link®, the perfect balance of five simultaneous actions are essentially required to successfully hook-up a driveline to the tractor’s rear PTO:

  1. Lift the implement shaft (which is often very heavy);
  2. Reach under the PTO safety shield (usually in an awkward or stooped position while lifting a heavy shaft or maneuvering through a quick hitch frame).  
  3. Align the high precision splined fittings mostly by feel while trying to match up the connection from blind angles
  4. Press the PTO yoke push pin (or Retract the spring-loaded collar of the implement shaft receiver).
  5. Slide the implement shaft forward at the exact linear and level angle to affix the receiver onto the ball bearing notch of the PTO’s spline, while meticulously coordinating steps 1 through 4 ALL AT THE SAME TIME — and hopefully without injury!

With PTO Link®

  • The PTO Link® solution safely eliminates the meticulous coordination of all the above steps with its patented Open-Plate system, which replaces the awkward spline-to-driveline connection and simplifies the hook-up process, reducing the task from minutes to seconds.
  • Since it is easy to see and reach, it removes the danger of pinched fingers, busted knuckles, and strained backs.
  • The assistive nature of PTO Link® reinvigorates the passion of tractor owners with physical and age-related limitations by allowing them to operate their tractors with renewed confidence and independence
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