PTO Link® Compact System – Safety Bolt – SPARE RECOMMENDED


PTO Link® Compact – Safety Bolt

The PTO Link® Safety Bolt, also known as the Quick-Release Detent Clevis Pin, is essentially a cotterless Clevis Pin that features a ball detent that depresses and springs up to hold the Clevis Pin into place. This one-piece locking clevis pin is fast and secure. It also acts as an alignment pin for the two mating couplers of the PTO Link® system and further secures the couplers (much like a deadbolt lock) to withstand most high torque scenarios or instances wherein reverse torque on the PTO shaft could be experienced (e.g., while using flex-wing mowers, heavy-duty shredders, tillers, augers, stump grinders, PTO auto-brakes or reverse safety switches, etc.). Since these high torque or reverse torque scenarios on the PTO are often unforeseen, it is therefore required always to install the safety bolt while using the PTO Link® system.

The PTO Link® system already comes with a replaceable spring-loaded locking pin (Compact Locking Pin) affixed onto the tractor (female) coupler that engages with the implement (male) coupler for the initial connection. The safety bolt provides the following benefits:

  1. Snugly aligns and secures the male and female couplers of the PTO Link® system together to minimize vibration and wear to your driveline;
  2. Balances and absorbs excess torque across the entire coupler diameter of the PTO Link® system, providing added strength to your PTO connection during high torque or reverse torque scenarios.
  3. Provides enhanced safety, protection, and durability to your PTO Link® system.

The Safety Bolt is a Grade 8 bolt featuring a stainless steel, spring-loaded ball detent that functions as an easy insertion and quick-release mechanism. The ball detent retracts when inserted, springs back up when installed through the joined couplers, and locks into place!

Installation instructions:

Before installing the Safety Bolt, first install the PTO Link® couplers separately on the tractor’s PTO (tractor coupler) and the implement shaft receiver (implement coupler). Next, couple the implement and tractor couplers together, aligning the implement coupler’s studs into the tractor coupler’s openings. Then slightly rotate the implement coupler counter-clockwise (or the tractor coupler clockwise) until the locking pin has locked in place, indicated by an audible “click.” Now, note the aligned 1⁄2″ opening through both couplers of the fully locked PTO Link® system, positioned across the coupler, opposite the locking pin.

To install the safety bolt:

  1. Place the chamfered edge of the pin into the 1⁄2″ opening on either the tractor or the implement coupler.
  2. Push the head of the pin through the aligned 1⁄2″ openings on both couplers. The ball detent of the safety bolt will release its internal spring and secure both couplers together.

To uninstall the safety bolt:

  1. Push the chamfered edge of the safety bolt out.
  2. Pull the head of the emerging safety bolt through the couplers, releasing the pin. Once accustomed to the safety bolt, your process to reinstall and uninstall will take only a few seconds.
  3. When the PTO Link® system is not in use, affix the safety bolt through the 1⁄2″ opening on the tractor coupler for convenient storage.
  • Dimensions: (1.225″ L x 0.630″ W)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz

Additional information

Weight0.09375 lbs
Dimensions1.225 × 0.630 × 0.630 in