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  1. Appears to be top quality but to be honest I ordered it too late in the year to use it on my bush hog. Now have 8 “ of snow and it’s tarped up.

  2. Appears to be top quality but to be honest I ordered it too late in the year to use it on my bush hog. Now have 8 “ of snow and it’s tarped up.

  3. So far everything is working great. Much easier to install with the PTO Link than before.

  4. The PTO Link is helpful, but on some newer tractors with electronic PTO engage, there’s a brake on the PTO that prohibits them from freewheeling. So, in these cases it is much harder to hook up implements even with the PTO Link.

    • Thanks Don, a select few tractor models are oddly designed with a PTO that’s immovable and stationary when the engine is off. However, sometimes if there’s a mid-PTO involved, there could be a setting that’s interfering with the freewheeling motion of the rear PTO. Adjust the mid-PTO to off or neutral (if so equipped), and many tractor owners have told us that fixed it. Another tip for the non-freewheeling PTO is to make sure the implement is not resting on the ground so that the blades of the implement are not in a bind. Then the implement shaft can normally turn the 1/2 inch rotation needed to couple the PTO Link system with relative ease. See our Video page for more tips and best practices for making the PTO Link system a success.

  5. Very well built. Customer service was very good when I had trouble they were right on it and solved the issue.

  6. Used the link 1 time with my bush hog and was impressed with how easy it was to install and hook up. Have had farm equipment for over 25 years and at 63 it was a struggle with attaching PTO’s. Would have gotten a 5 however after the first use my safety pin was missing and had to order another one plus a couple of spares. Great product!

  7. Definitely an improvement over conventional implement pto connection. Safety plunger pin and shear pin are difficult to access from back side of tractor plate. Expensive.

  8. PRETTY EASY TO INSTALL. not sure why I didn’t get the new style safetyy pin.

  9. Pto link does make hooking up three point implements easier, but it is not completely as easy as the adds say. I would still purchase the item again.

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